Megan is an international retreat facilitator and enjoys offering wellness programming with a focus on self-care and mindfulness.

She has experience offering week long international retreats as well as weekend local retreats and 1-day corporate / staff retreats as well.  Her retreats focus on self-care and wellness, breaking through resistance and blocks, enhancing communication and relationships, forgiveness, supporting ourselves and others through grief and loss, care for the caregiver as well as general replenishment and relaxation.

Megan always incorporates a creative component such as art making, mask making, mandala work, drumming and drum circles, mindfulness meditation, guided imagery with live music and more.  Her retreats are structured to address body, mind and spirit and often include an element of yoga.  Great care is taken in the planning of her retreats, including careful attention to nutritious and healthy, locally prepared food.

Retreat Participant Testimonial from Megan’s RESET retreat at Red Mountain Resort, Utah April 19-23, 2018:

“Words cannot express this immense feeling of gratitude and admiration that I have for Megan. Her recent RESET retreat was a life changing experience for me. The location she selected was incredible with outstanding service, delicious food, a variety of healthy activities, and breathtaking views. It exceeded my expectations in every way possible. Above anything, it was Megan’s steadfast commitment to guiding us on this journey of self-discovery, self-love and healing that made this experience so incredibly powerful. She provided us with so many unique tools, modalities, and experiences to encourage and support our refection, development and growth. We dug deep while in our sessions, really looking at the life we want to create and where we need to heal.  We shed a lot tears through our days but shared a ton of belly laughs along the way. Megan ensured our days were also balanced with plenty of time to relax and process our individual experiences. It worked perfectly!  The group of strangers I met on Day 1, quickly opened their arms to me and were so supportive and kind. The connection and friendships created are truly amazing and are a gift to this amazing journey. I will be forever grateful that Megan nudged me to take this leap of faith for myself.  I will follow Megan anywhere she goes!”  

To view Megan’s past sold out Women’s Retreat in Costa Rica…..Click here for all the details!

Stay tuned for future retreat offerings here.

Past Retreat Photos

Anamaya Retreat Center, Costa Rica – Photos Courtesy of – Ksenija Savic

Ahki Retreat Center in Costa Rica April 2016 – Photos Courtesy of Megan Gunnell


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Women’s Retreat March 6-8, 2020

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Costa Rica Women’s Retreat

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Soul Oasis and Vision Board Workshop

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Soul Oasis and Vision Board Women’s Workshop October 13th, 2018  9:30am - 2:30pm   Where:  St. James Lutheran Church, 170 McMillian Rd., Grosse Pointe Farms, MI.  48236   When:  Saturday, October 13th, 2018 from 9:30am - [...]


It was like propelling into my soul self. I am so ever grateful to you both for your love, support and guidance. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

From the very beginning when I arrived I felt welcomed and I had a great sense of warmth and comfort. It was so nice to meet all the other women and hear their stories. By the end of the retreat, I truly felt like every woman there was one of my sisters and still stay in contact with them today! The experience was healing beyond measure. The effects of all the work to align mind, body, and spirit there in Costa Rica have lasted. I reflect on the experience often and use the tools I learned there in every day life. Overall, I can say with confidence that I have moved forward and grown as a direct result of that retreat experience. I can’t wait to go back!

My desired outcome was how to live my life with less anxiety.  I have been able to do that since I came home.  Your retreat was one of the most authentic experiences I have ever had in my lifetime!

While on retreat, I experienced your expertise, sound wisdom and humor as comforting undercurrents to the perfectly timed activities. The setting was exquisite and seemed to wholly support each participant’s process. I felt safely held as I moved through deep issues that needed to surface for healing within an impeccably run retreat. This experience allowed me to face and heal what had long been held in shadow. You used music, creativity, drumming, guided imagery, therapeutic processing, the setting and timing to perfection.

The experience was the beginning of a wonderful exploration of ME.  It took me a little while to become vulnerable to open up, share my fears and hopes, and allow others to impact me through their journeys.  Through the various tools introduced at the retreat, I began the process of releasing anxieties, anger, and fears that I’ve been harboring for a long time.  It was an exhilarating feeling.  As I began to release all the negative energy built up inside me, I became filled with light and peace.  It was very powerful!  I left the retreat with a sense of hope and joy that I can continue to grow and draw upon as I move forward.

My retreat was remarkable!!  It helped me clear some negatively I was letting into my life.  I have a lightness that i’ve kept with me ever since.  I made some lifetime beautiful friends! It made me fall in love with yoga, surfing and Costa Rica! We ate delicious healthy food, danced the nights away, laughed until our stomachs hurt and cried until we felt better. I will forever hold that week dear in my heart!!