Megan Gunnell

About Megan

Hi, I’m Megan

I believe that life is meant to be lived to the fullest! 

That you deserve to feel energized, healthy, prosperous and confident.  As a therapist with over 20 years experience, I have built a practice that supports a balanced and thriving lifestyle and now I’m teaching other therapists how to do the same! 

When I built my business, I had no idea where to begin. I wasted a lot of time, energy and money trying to figure out what marketing worked and how to build my referral network. It was tons of trial and error! 

But over time my practice boomed and I wanted to move beyond the 1:1 model to offer group therapy, workshops and retreats. I spent about a decade of my practice dedicated to managing my full time caseload while also designing, building and facilitating additional streams of income too and hosted many local and national retreats and 7 international retreats in Costa Rica.  Find out more about Megan’s Retreats here. 

I also love to write and speak and have been invited as a keynote and plenary speaker to conferences all across the US and abroad.  Find out more about Megan’s Speaking here.

In 2020, there was such a huge demand for therapy services, I could barely keep up. So I built a group practice to meet that growing need for more services. 

Over time many therapists in my area would ask to ‘pick my brain’ on how I built a thriving practice and how I built retreats, workshops and groups. 

So I decided to create the Thriving Therapists FB community.  We are a robust community of thousands of therapists from across the globe!  If you’re not a member – join us for free here.

The demand for information and solid resources was SO high within the Thriving Therapists community that I built an online course on “How to Build a Thriving Practice” and on how to Design, Build and Launch a Retreat!  

This community also needed coaching and consulting services. So I built that too and have helped a lot of therapists learn how to build and scale their thriving businesses too! 

As a business owner, psychotherapist, coach, writer, international retreat leader, course designer and keynote speaker, I love helping people transform, restore, reach their highest potential and really learn how to thrive!

I’ll admit, I’m a recovering perfectionist, but I’m also recklessly brave. I’m not afraid of most challenges and I’m super motivated to dive into projects that feel outside my comfort zone. I’m determined to design and build just about anything I feel there’s a need for and I’m always ready to help others learn how to do the same!

Bio Highlights:
  • Selected as one of 33 FB admins in all of North America for the Meta Community Accelerator Award for 2022-2023
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker 
  • University of Michigan MSW graduate
  • Michigan State University BA graduate
  • Built 3 successful businesses
  • $25,000 grant recipient from U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 
  • Published Author
  • International Retreat Leader
  • Triathlete