It’s hard to believe it’s been about a year now we’ve been living under a pandemic. When I think back to this time last year, I was starting to feel a sense of urgency to stock up on supplies not knowing exactly what the coming weeks would bring. Never in a million years did I imagine that one year later we would still be in this and that our lives would look and feel so different!


There’s been so much loss this year. So many have lost loved ones, lost jobs, lost a sense of freedom, safety and security. But as a therapist, I also have the privileged perspective of witnessing resiliency, hope and our unbelievable capacity for adaptation.


After all this, I can truly say I’m inspired by the human spirit.


And I believe in possibility.


I know, without a doubt that people have the capacity to survive and ultimately we do move forward, even as difficult as it may be.


I’ve walked next to you this year. I heard your fears. I watched you face impossible pain. I saw you find creative solutions to problems you never anticipated having. 


You somehow woke up every morning and continued to breathe through the day even when you felt completely defeated, alone and afraid. 


I wish everyone could see what I see. I wish people who are currently in despair could have the perspective that therapists have. That they could see how humans survive trauma, tragedy and struggle. That it is possible to do what feels impossible. 


I’ve worked with so many clients over the years who start their therapy process in deep crisis and over time, over many weeks and months and sometimes even years, after endless patience and gentleness, they begin to heal, shift and even thrive again. 


So even though we’re here now – a year away from where we started and we still don’t know exactly what’s next, what we do know is that we can face difficult things and survive. We know that when it comes to facing adversity, we must go in and through it.  There are no shortcuts and there is no way around.  


But you never have to go it alone and sometimes facing hard things with someone by your side makes it all seem possible. 


We know even the most difficult things we face in our lifetime are temporary.  And I know for a fact that humans have incredible resilience and strength and that there’s always hope and possibility even when we cannot see it at first.

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