It’s time to be brave!  It’s time to show up in this world.  It’s time to stop being small and stop hiding.  Stop your excuses.  Stop saying you’re not enough.  Stop saying you’ll do it tomorrow.  Start showing up brave!  Now!!


5 months ago, I decided I would start an experiment.  I wanted to keep showing up brave.  But I knew if I just thought about it, I would lose track of time and of moments.  I needed to create a log.  So I created a “brave log.”  It was set up with loads of intention.  I created it as a google doc so I could add to it wherever I was.  I thought as I tracked actions and events that kept me ploughing ahead, I would be able to look back at the log and remind myself of all the courageous things I had done when I felt like I myself shrinking and longing to hide.  


Every few days I add something to the list.  It helps me stay accountable to myself.  It has included everything from pitching articles to pitching speaker submissions that frankly sometimes terrify me.  But I keep forging ahead.  My brave log also includes things like 8/13/17 “jumped off the diving board before feeling the water temperature (for the first time since 1984).”  And honestly, I appreciate those kinds of entries because I could FEEL how brave that was and I heard the splash vs. the silence of not hearing anything sometimes when I put myself out there for a conference I’d like to speak at or a magazine I’d like to write an article for.   


When I feel like giving up, a quick glance at the brave log is like a pat on my back.  An encouraging mentor or chipper coach saying “look at what you’ve already done – keep going, it’s worth it!”  Also, when I feel like something isn’t worth the time or effort, I sometimes click open my brave log and think “it’s been 4 days since you did something brave, you better add to the list before it dries up!”  


Last week, I was starting to feel pretty discouraged. I’ve been working hard for months now!  I was starting to wonder if it was all worth the effort.  I started to doubt my brave log!  I started to think it was a stupid idea and wondered if I should just let it die off.  And then I pulled into my driveway and saw a flash of silver on the fire hydrant.  I parked the car and walked out to see what it was.  It was this rock…..


This little painted stone with a message just for me. “Bee Brave” it whispered.  I clutched it in my hand and ran inside to my computer.  I opened the brave log and recorded this serendipitous event:  08/09/17  Found “bee brave” stone!  😉  I added the wink as a reminder that sometimes, just when you’re starting to feel doubt creep in, the universe winks back at you and you forge ahead again with bravery and a willingness to show up!

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