A lot has happened since my last blog!  I’ve had a sudden burst of entrepreneurial energy which was inspired by my experience at the Bryant University Women’s Summit in Rhode Island a couple weeks ago where I was lucky enough to be a presenter again this year!


For over 20 years, Bryant University has been hosting an annual Women’s Summit under the visionary direction of Kati Machtley.  This year the summit sold out in record time to 1100 lucky attendees who had the privilege of hearing some incredible keynotes, including Reshma Saujani Founder of Girls Who Code.  She’s the author of the new book “Brave, not Perfect” which asks readers:

“Do you run yourself ragged trying to not just do it all, but do it all flawlessly?  Do you lose sleep ruminating over small mistakes or worrying that something you said or did might have offended someone? Have you ever passed up a big opportunity – a relationship, job or a personal challenge – for fear you wouldn’t nail it right away or look foolish trying?  For you, is failure simply not an option?”

Preach!!!  Yes!  To put it mildly, it really spoke to me!  I had to get my hands on a copy and meet Reshma in person at the book signing tables!  

I’m always striving to harness courage and bravery, but something magical happened to me this year at the Summit. 

It was as if inspiration met courage and set me on fire!

One woman after another kept coming up to me asking “what business are you with?  What business are you with?” I didn’t really know how to answer that? I’ve spent the past 20 years building a very successful private practice, but I don’t really have a company brand. It’s just me. My name. No real identity.

I met a lot of incredibly smart, savvy female entrepreneurs who really got my wheels turning. They were fascinated to hear more about how I facilitate international retreats and I was fascinated to hear more about their executive coaching and consulting businesses.  

That night I could barely sleep.  My mind was full of ideas and possibilities.  I couldn’t stop thinking about creating a business and brand identity and kept considering names, ideas and concepts.  

What would I offer? What do I really believe in? What represents the foundation of my work? How do I help people?

What is broad enough to resonate with most people, but specific enough to be effective?  

Finally it hit me.  I’ve been a therapist for over 20 years.  I’ve worked with thousands of clients, patients and consumers in hospital settings, outpatient therapy, private practice, retreats, workshops and been a speaker at hundreds of conferences.  Their issues span a wide range of needs from life transitions to depression, anxiety, grief, loss, relationship struggles and adjustment to life stressors.

However the one common denominator they all share is the formula that helps them cope.  

I’ve discovered over the years, no matter where a client begins, they can all benefit from applying what I’ve coined as “the self-care advantage.”  When our basic self-care is in place, our coping and bandwidth increase, our emotional reactivity is in check, our patience and compassion expands and we begin to thrive. 

That was it!  Thrive!

Everyone deserves to THRIVE!

The foundation of my work helps people learn how to move from surviving to thriving.  I support clients in a multitude of ways. Using a combination of clinical techniques and best practices, mixed with deep listening, support and compassion.  I teach people how to practice healthy self-care and mindfulness. I help them shift their mindset and learn to communicate effectively. I support people through intense pain, major life transitions and inspire them to access their highest potential.  I help them elevate into optimal living.

But at the very core of what I offer is this concept of thriving.

The very next morning after I arrived home from the summit.  I got up at 5am and started brainstorming. I played with 1,000 name combinations on a huge sheet of paper.  My kids woke up hours later and joined me in the creative pursuit of the perfect company brand.

How about this one?  Taken. How about this one?  Too weird.  Not clear.  Too long.  Too short.  Too hard to say.  That makes a strange acronym.  How about this? Taken.  Grrrrrr.  More coffee!

This went on for hours.

Until we finally landed on it.  The Thriving Well Institute.

Within a matter of days, I had purchased the domain name, started building the website, set up all the social media channels, hired a creative director and a business manager, created a logo and roughed out the company launch.

The Thriving Well Institute is committed to helping people thrive through knowledge, empowerment, communication, skill-building, mindfulness, self-care and healthy living.  We offer 3 arms of service; coaching, events and speaking. This will also become my platform for my book which is also dedicated to helping people thrive.

I’m almost ready to share my new website, but for now, please come follow me on FB or Twitter and stay tuned for exciting things to follow.

Sometimes inspiration meets an idea at the perfect moment and suddenly, if you find yourself feeling courageous (or…’brave, not perfect’) then you can create something wonderful!

For now, take really good care of yourselves because you deserve to thrive!


  1. This is really terrific and inspiring news! Congratulations Megan!!!

  2. Amanda Kane

    This is so wonderful! You continue to be an inspiration. Very happy for you!

  3. Laura V Pennoni

    Once again you are an inspiration. I LOVE IT! Lead the way.

  4. I’m so proud to say “I knew her when!” Can’t wait to have your book on my nightstand :)!! Congratulations!!

  5. Very interesting, inspiring story. I’m excited to “follow you”!

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