Being Mindful with Your Media

In order to live with more intentionality and mindfulness, I have become very selective about what I expose myself to via TV, radio and print.  So much of what is out there inundates us with messages of fear and scarcity.  Just glancing at the magazine titles in the grocery store aisles confirms women will never be enough!  They’re full of flashy teaser titles that create a sense of inadequacy around everything from cooking to finances and fashion to sex.  And when they’re not telling you that you’re not enough, they’re gossiping about a celebrity who missed the mark (in their opinion).  It seems the same on TV too.  Have you noticed that even the weather forecasts are full of fear-based messaging to keep you connected to the screen for more?

Take some time this week to pay attention to what you’re exposing yourself to.  It might provide an opportunity to become more intentional about your selections.

In today’s blog I wanted to highlight 3 of my favorite magazine subscriptions and an important documentary film project!  If you haven’t heard about these publications, I highly recommend them.  They’re typically the only magazines I read cover to cover and offer great resources for mindfulness, self-care, spirituality, health and wellness as well as recipes, travel guide tips and generally how to live your best life!

1. Mindful Magazine; taking time for what matters

2. Spirituality and Health Magazine

3.  Organic Spa Magazine

I also wanted to highlight a crowdfunding project that could use your support!

It’s a collaborative documentary film project spearheaded by Deepak Chopra called “The Mindfulness Movement.”  If you feel so moved, they offer contribution levels of $10 and up!  I’ve been in contact with the production team and am happy to support this important film!

To find out more about click on this link.

Quick Tip:
Spend some time this week paying attention to your TV, news, radio and print selections.  Notice how you feel when you listen, watch or read.  Tune into your intuition before you engage and ask yourself “Is this a yes for me?  Does it feel like it enhances my life at the moment?” Part of living in a mindful way is about elevating our consciousness and sense of awareness.  You might be surprised what you notice when you pay close attention!

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